Big Data Technology for

We combine Big Data resources and easy-to-use processing
software to give transportation professionals on-demand
access to actionable analytics.

Our Data Sources

Every month, we process over 60 billion new location records to keep our analytics up-to-date. Our sample size represents about 23% of the adult population in the US and Canada. Archival data from past months remains in our database, so you can track trends. We evaluate and incorporate new data providers regularly so that we have best resources available. The types of data we use today include:

Location-Based Services Data

Our Location-Based Services data comes from smartphone apps that track the locations of devices to provide specific services. These services include weather forecasts, shopping deals, restaurant reviews, and more. We get location data from hundreds of different apps. 

Navigation-GPS Data

Our navigation-GPS data comes from devices that help people navigate, such as connected cars and trucks, turn-by-turn route guidance apps, and commercial fleet management systems.

Contextual Data

Contextual data are blended with our location data sets to enhance our Metrics with additional layers of information. We use census data, parcel data, and road network data with both navigation-GPS and Location-Based Services data sets to make our Metrics more rich and meaningful.

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Our Software: Hassle-Free Processing Technology

Our technology makes using our Big Data resources to understand mobility simple and easy. It has two important components: Route Science®, our data processing engine, and StreetLight InSight®, our cloud-based platform. 

RouteScience: Our Proprietary Data Processing Engine

Route Science algorithmically transforms trillions of messy location data points into contextualized, aggregated, and normalized travel patterns. Through machine learning, it cleans and links location records into trips and activities, organizes them temporally, and blends in contextual information.

Next, Route Science normalizes and aggregates the data into analytics. These steps protect individual privacy and ensure that our Metrics are comparable across different time periods, even as the number of devices and records in our database grow. Finally, the cleaned, processed data are stored in a database that is designed to be queried. In other words, the records go into a database that can answer our clients' questions.

StreetLight InSight®: A Hassle-Free Big Data Platform

StreetLight InSight is an easy-to-use online platform for running Metrics directly from your computer’s Internet browser, in just a few mouse clicks. The StreetLight InSight platform lets you ask and answer specific questions about travel patterns.

When you use StreetLight InSight, it pulls the Metrics from our database that match your specific parameters. In other words, it selects and organizes the location records that answer your question into Metrics. Most Metrics are ready in minutes, though complex queries take more time. Thanks to this speed, you can easily tweak your parameters to optimize your results. Then, you can visualize the analytics directly in StreetLight InSight, or download them in .CSV files to manipulate with your own analysis tools.

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