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Get a feel for how StreetLight InSight® works by putting yourself in front of the computer screen. Our demos and webinars walk you through real-life analyses on our platform.


StreetLight Data Intro Webinar

Introduction to StreetLight

Discover the Big Data metrics used by practitioners around North America in this live webinar.

020 Climate Impact Webinar Webinar

Transportation’s Impact on Climate Change During COVID

StreetLight CEO Laura Schewel talks about the COVID-related factors affecting this year’s 2020 U.S. Transportation Impact Climate Index in this transportation and climate-change webinar.

Bus and Rail Webinar

Tackling Transit Data Challenges Webinar

Learn how StreetLight’s powerful Transit Metrics help transportation planners tackle transit data challenges, including augmenting data sets for boarding and alighting, and supporting social equity analyses in this webinar.

budget webinar

Future-Proof Your Transportation Budget

See presentations from Departments of Transportation, consulting firms, and municipalities about planning through 2020’s transportation budget issues.

Services Webinar.

Services Projects from StreetLight: Solving Complex Transportation Problems

Learn how consulting firms, companies, DOTs, and MPOs collaborate with StreetLight’s Services Projects experts to solve complex transportation challenges.


New Multimodal Safety Metrics From StreetLight and Ford Mobility

StreetLight and Ford Mobility created Safety Solutions, a powerful collaboration offering detailed and comprehensive metrics for bicycle, pedestrian, truck, and vehicle safety insights.

COVID Webinar

Top 5 Transportation Trends of 2020

Join StreetLight’s experts to learn more about the top takeaways from our Covid Transportation Trends eBook.

OD Webinar refit

Origin-Destination On Demand: Replacing Surveys to Manage During COVID-19

Origin-Destination surveys can’t keep up during fast-changing pandemic times. Learn how on-demand O-D can capture these trends.

Scenario Planning in the Pandemic Era

Scenario Planning in the Pandemic Era

In this webinar learn scenario planning for balancing short-term transportation plans and established, long-term goals while dealing with a barrage of pandemic-related unknowns.

Webinar Vancouver

Data Takeaways From “Slow Streets” in Vancouver

StreetLight’s analysis of “slow streets” in Vancouver, including key metrics for mitigating transportation emissions and supporting active transportation.

Equity Webinar

LBS Data: Benefits for Environmental Justice Studies

Learn how location-based services (LBS) data’s sample size and bias compares to traditional surveys for use in environmental justice studies.

BCG Webinar

Unpacking the COVID Trip Reduction Index

Augustin K. Wegscheider from Boston Consulting Group shares BCG’s Trip Reduction Index, which analyzes COVID-19’s impact on vehicle miles traveled.

Denver Webinar

Climate Impact: Denver Closes Streets to Cars

Many cities, including Denver, shut down streets to help minimize travel and maximize social distancing during stay-home orders. Could this be a more permanent solution to lowering transportation emissions? Get the right metrics to analyze this option.

Seattle Webinar

Climate Impact: Seattle Works From Home

During stay-home orders, many businesses found that they could operate just as effectively as with commuting workers. See the data that can help determine if encouraging work-from-home options could help your city to lower transportation emissions permanently.

Los Angeles Webinar

Climate Impact: Los Angeles Limits Sprawl

California recently passed legislation mandating that new transportation projects not increase VMT. Cities can incorporate VMT into building guidelines to help control sprawl and also limit emissions

Atlanta Webinar

Climate Impact: Atlanta’s First and Last Mile

Atlanta’s BeltLine encourages multimodal transportation with 22 miles of trails connected to transit. Learn more about how to analyze first- and last-mile options for your city to see if this is a promising tactic for permanently improving climate impact.

Estimating Traffic Counts

Estimating Traffic Counts During COVID-19 with Digital Data Collection

For transportation engineers, traditional traffic data collection has always carried physical safety risks – and now it carries health risks too. By digitizing their data collection efforts, transportation engineers can continue their work ‒ without deploying sensors or surveys.

Returning from COVID-19

Coming Back from COVID-19: Bridging the Transportation Budget Gap

Responding to transportation’s “new normal” requires better, cheaper, faster data. Learn how agencies onboard StreetLight in a matter of hours to make progress and save millions.

California SB 743 Image

New VMT Metrics from StreetLight to Comply with California’s SB 743

StreetLight and Fehr & Peers have developed new statewide “VMT impact screening” metrics to quickly assess communities following SB 743’s recommendations.

AADT-Canada Webinar

Canada AADT 2019 Now Available On-Demand From Your Home Office

Learn how to access 2019 AADT metrics for Canada and get insights into the traffic counts for urban and rural roads.

Highway Sign Reads. Stay Home, Save Lives, Covid-19

Did Americans Stay Home on Easter?

We used our daily VMT Monitor to understand vehicular street activity for more than 3,000 individual counties on Sunday April 12th

COVID-19 Metrics Webinar

Use Big Data to Understand COVID-19’s Impact on Transportation

Get empirical data for your geography from the safety of your home office, and study the impact of COVID-19 on traffic, travel patterns, toll revenues, and more.

Dr. Laura Schewel Live Webinar COVID-19

Running Transportation Projects from the Safety of Your Home

Learn how to derive reliable volumes, turning movements, O-D, AADT, and other core metrics from your home office, 24/7.

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AADT Webinar Image

Count on Us for Counts: StreetLight Has Early AADT 2019 Metrics

Learn what’s new in our AADT 2019 U.S. metrics and how you can access the on-demand counts early in the year.

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U.S. Transportation Climate Index Webinar

2019 Transportation Climate Impact Webinar

Learn more about the analysis and methodology behind the 2019 U.S Transportation Climate Impact Index.

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Moving Ridesharing Into the Sky: eVTOL Network Efficiency

Hear from Uber Elevate’s Ian Villa, who explains how Elevate performs holistic vehicle-network simulations to model demand in Los Angeles and other target markets.

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Analyzing Top Route Choice with StreetLight InSight®

Register for our webinar to learn how StreetLight’s new Top Routes metric analyzes all route choices vehicles take between any Origin-Destination pair.

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Laura Schewel talks at Volpe Center

Volpe Talk: Our New Mobility Future

Watch StreetLight CEO Laura Schewel address the Volpe Center as part of the U.S. Department of Transportation thought leadership speaker series.

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Tackling 5 of Today’s Toughest Transportation Problems

Join experienced transportation planner Jim Hubbell and active transportation expert Sean Co for a lively discussion about today’s biggest transportation problems and solutions.

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StreetLight MADT and Annual Hourly Traffic

MADT Monthly Annual Daily Traffic.

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truck traffic webinar title slide

Using StreetLight InSight® to Analyze Truck Traffic

Our four-minute demo video shows how easy it is to use StreetLight’s truck traffic metrics from your desktop. The on-demand metrics we provide for medium and heavy duty truck traffic

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visitor demographics

Analyze Visitor Demographics Webinar

Watch our webinar to see how easy it is to analyze visitor demographics for trips in your area.

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Big Data AADT for Transportation in Canada Is Here!

Until now, Canadian DOTs and transportation agencies had no easy or affordable way to gather traffic counts for the entire region, especially in sparsely populated areas. Big Data can help.

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Webinar Cover Slide

Introduction to StreetLight

Discover the Big Data metrics used by practitioners around North America.

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CUT-THROUGH Webinar image

Solving Cut-through Traffic

See how cities use Big Data to mitigate "Waze Effect" neighborhood traffic.

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BIKE PED Webinar image

Bike & Pedestrian Analytics

Deploying Active Mode infrastructure and tracking impact using Big Data.

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AADT Webinar image

Introduction to AADT 2018

Methodology and permanent-counter validation behind StreetLight AADT.

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