StreetLight InSight® helps cities become Smart Cities by giving planners and development professionals the tools they need to strengthen existing models and observe impacts of policy decisions without requiring costly and time-intensive surveys. Billions of trips, with high spatial precision, allow StreetLight InSight® to answer important questions such as:

What are the origins and destinations of travelers on this road segment? How does that differ from peak to off-peak times of the day?

How can I enhance transportation demand models?

How do average commute times differ between cities or regions and what does the data today indicate about the future?

What are the last-mile and other relevant patterns of travelers in this region, so that transit planning can be adjusted accordingly?

How can I understand the impacts of congestion and target programs to bust congestion (then monitor how they’re doing)?

How can we design and implement smart tolling and signaling programs, and make sure they're effective?

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