By: Laura Schewel on July 27th, 2016

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StreetLight InSight® Update: Faster Travel Metrics and More!

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Last night, we completed our monthly update of StreetLight InSight – that’s our easy-to-use web app for generating mobility Metrics in minutes. StreetLight InSight Metrics are based on Big Data from millions of mobile devices, and they’re ideal for transportation planning, commercial real estate development, retail site selection, and more. If you’re not familiar with our web app, watch our demo videos or request a 1:1 consultation with one of our Big Data experts to learn more.

Faster Premium Travel Metrics

This month’s major upgrade was automating our Premium Travel Metrics so that they are available within StreetLight InSight. Previously, these Metrics were processed by the StreetLight Data Support Team. Now that they’re available in our web app, StreetLight InSight users can access our most sophisticated Travel Metrics bundles faster than ever. We offer two different bundles of Premium Travel Metrics to enhance Origin-Destination, Select Link, and Zone Activity Analyses.

Premium A Metrics: Trip Attributes

This bundle provides additional detail about the types of trips included in your analysis, such as:

  • Trip Duration in seconds
  • Trip Length in miles
  • Trip Circuitry, measured as the ratio of the actual distance traveled to the Euclidean, or “crow flies” distance
  • Trip Speed in miles per hour – our newest addition to the Premium A Metric bundle!

Our Premium A Metrics include the average value for each attribute and a distribution into customizable bins (See Figure 1 below).


Figure 1: Customize your Premium A bins to match projects' unique parameters in StreetLight InSight.

Premium B Metrics: Traveler Attributes

This bundle describes the demographic characteristics of the groups of travelers that are included in your analysis, including the simple reason that they take the trips you’re interested in. The attributes provided are:

  • Simple Trip Purpose
  • Household Income
  • Race
  • Education
  • Family Status

Our Premium B Metrics are based on U.S. Census and American Community Survey data, so they are only available for the U.S. (not Canada yet).

General Fixes and Improvements

As always, this month’s update included new trip data sets and a range of general fixes to improve the StreetLight InSight user experience. Highlights include faster map rendering, additional user types, and more detailed project previews (see Figure 2 below).


Figure 2: Thanks to our latest update, users now see detailed project previews within StreetLight InSight. The preview above indicates every Zone used in this project, whether that Zone is a “pass-through” Zone, and its direction value.

Our Next Release

Our next StreetLight InSight update is always on the horizon! What features or updates do you think are most important to include in next month’s release? Let us know in the comments!


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