StreetLight InSight® for Transportation

Start measuring travel behavior for almost any project in just a few minutes. From entire regions to individual intersections, the StreetLight InSight platform provides the data communities need to improve mobility.

Key Features of StreetLight InSight Metrics for Transportation

Our Metrics are based on trillions of real-world location records from mobile devices. We add new, up-to-date data sets monthly. That means our Metrics:

Accurately describe current mobility patterns

Precisely track origins, destinations, and routes

Persistently measure changes over time

Are diagnostic and predictive

When to Use StreetLight InSight Metrics for Transportation Projects

These unique characteristics make our Metrics ideal for a broad range of core transportation projects, such as:

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Our Client's Experience With StreetLight InSight

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StreetLight InSight is an easy-to-use online platform that transforms Big Data from millions of mobile devices into comprehensive, accurate, and precise transportation Metrics.

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