By: Laura Schewel on October 29th, 2015

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[CASE STUDY] Transportation Demand Management in NOVA

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Northern Virginia (NOVA) has tremendous traffic congestion, but limited room to expand highways. The state and local governments want to expand and enhance the suite of Transportation Demand Management programs and investments to reduce travel demand on the highways through approaches like carpooling, transit, bike, and more.

For a detailed overview of this project, click here to download our case study.

Using StreetLight InSight®

Working with city, county, and regional agencies, as well as partners Michael Baker and the State Smart Transportation Initiative (SSTI), the StreetLight InSight platform analyzed hundreds of congested road segments to diagnose areas where certain techniques may have the biggest impact and to guide planning. For example – this area would be well-served by a shuttle bus going from A to B, because many trips on this segment share that origin/destination. Millions of mobile devices and trillions of data points were included.


By using StreetLight Data to target programs in the places where they’ll be most effective, the region will maximize the improvement in mobility and access per dollar spent. Plus, StreetLight visualizations will help communicate the rationale effectively to constituents. This article in the local paper does a great job describing the program in more detail. We will post updates to the blog as particular programs are put in place a result of this exciting work.

INRIX, a StreetLight Data partner, provided the GPS data for this project. Click here to read more about our GPS data sources.


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