Access Transportation Insights at Scale With StreetLight APIs

By February 24, 2023 July 10th, 2023 No Comments
StreetLight Developer Hub screenshot

With the easy-to-use StreetLight InSight® API, transportation engineers, planners, and data scientists can leverage rich mobility insights to power data-informed decisions. StreetLight’s new Developer Hub makes it easier than ever to access the resources you need to get up and running.

What’s in the Developer Hub?

The Developer Hub makes it easy to request an API key, access documentation, and share best practices with other API users. It provides:

  • Comprehensive user guides
  • Interactive API references
  • Ready-to-use code snippets
  • Discussion forum
  • Access to training materials and support

What can StreetLight APIs do?

StreetLight’s APIs are used by transportation professionals to:

  • Automate repeatable analyses
  • Programmatically generate and visualize granular time trend analyses
  • Run analyses at scale across a large area or time frame
  • Integrate validated transportation metrics like Traffic Volume, VMT, VHD, and AADT directly into proprietary transportation models, public dashboards, and GIS platforms.

For example, data scientists in Minnesota used the StreetLight InSight® API to fill visitation data gaps for the entire state park system, leading to visitor demographic and experience insights that could inform equity, resource management, and park maintenance improvements.

Ready to explore the Developer Hub and take advantage of StreetLight’s transportation APIs? Watch the video below to get the full tour in just over two minutes.

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