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The 2020 GovTech 100: Investors Bet Big on Gov Tech

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In most North American cities, it still takes traffic counters and surveys to obtain AADT and O-D metrics.  A steady stream of innovations helped StreetLight get a foothold in the government market, as cellular and navigation devices replaced old-fashioned methods of traffic counting.

Excerpt of full story written by Ben Miller and Andrew Westrope, originally published in January/February, 2020:

“It’s a jump in magnitude in what’s possible, and that’s what’s so exciting about this,” said Martin Morzynski of StreetLight Data. “Our cities have gone from being heavily vehicle-driven, to being [multimodal]. You have Ubers and Lyfts on the street, you have light delivery vehicles delivering Amazon packages, you have commute hours expanding from a typical 9-to-5 [flattening] commute peaks and essentially [seeing] heavy traffic all day, and that kills the old transportation models and requires a new approach that’s much more data-enabled.

“You’re seeing this marriage of IoT and big data becoming more symbiotic, where big data, the stuff that we do, connects the dots between the incomplete set of IoT devices, but also uses the IoT devices to validate and improve. One makes the other better.”

Read the full story to see where gov tech is heading next. From massive mergers and profitable exits to strong funding rounds and bold new ideas, the last five years have seen major growth in an up-and-coming market.

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