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StreetLight Data CEO to speak at National League of Cities Annual Conference

November 6, 2018

With traffic a top-of-mind issue across the country, city streets are ripe for innovation: Our roadways, curbs and sidewalks have become proving grounds for exciting technologies such as autonomous transit, dockless bike and scooter sharesand, of course, new forms of data collection.

That's a lot of innovation to squeeze into a few city blocks. How can private companies and local governments work together to accommodate it all? Find out at "Making Room for Innovation on City Streets," a session at this week's “City Summit” conference in Los Angeles, hosted by the National League of Cities. 

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Nantucket Uses StreetLight Data to Estimate Population

October 5, 2018

Seasonal population peaks are difficult to measure - especially in popular destinations like Nantucket Island. But population size is a critical metric for transportation planning, federal funding allocation, and more.

The Wall Street Journal cites a StreetLight Data client, the Nantucket Open Data Platform, who uses StreetLight's innovative mobility analytics to estimate the island's population around the year. This data is helping public agencies and local businesses in Nantucket build better plans for the future.

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Our Top 5 List of Transportation Entertainment: Transit Edition

November 21, 2017

Can’t get enough transportation in your life? Neither can we! Here at StreetLight Data, we’re pretty serious transportation nerds! As we settle down to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with our loved ones, we’ve been thinking about all the different transportation-related transportation movies, books, and more that we can enjoy.

Since we're also getting ready for a great webinar on multimodal planning with the City of Toronto (register here!), we’re sharing our top 5 transit-related movies, books, and TV shows in this blog post. Enjoy!

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