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The StreetLight InSight platform delivers Metrics derived from Big Data that describe travel behavior. It's a cloud-based application, so you can design and run transportation analyses on your computer until you have the answers need. Discover the Metrics currently available via StreetLight InSight below.

Origin-Destination Analysis

StreetLight InSight Origin-Destination (O-D) Analyses describe trips between any "Zones" that you're interested in. A "Zone" is our term for the geographies that StreetLight InSight users analyze. A Zone can be virtually any size, from a highway off-ramp to an entire state. This analysis provides the following Metrics:

  • O-D matrices of relative trip volumes between each pair 
  • Average travel time of trips between O-D pairs

Find out how planners in Napa Valley used these Metrics to answer key questions such as "What are the origins of external trips?" - and how the answers impacted their Countywide Transportation Plan. 

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This StreetLight InSight heat map visualizes a segment of an origin-destination matrix of LAX Airport to census block groups in Los Angeles.

Origin-Destination Analysis with Middle Filter (Select Link)

StreetLight InSight O-D Analysis with Middle Filter is similar to a select link study. It describes trips between origins and destinations that pass through a particular "Middle" Road Zone (or "Middle Filter") on their way. This analysis can also help reveal which routes between origins and destinations are the most used. This analysis includes the following Metrics:

  • O-D matrices for the relative volume of trips between O-D pairs that pass through Middle Filter Zones
  • Average travel time of trips between O-D pairs that pass through the Middle Filter Zones 

Discover how the City of Lafayette used these Metrics to identify the cause of downtown congestion, then identify and rank potential solutions to ease traffic. 

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The StreetLight InSight heat map above visualizes the origin TAZs of drivers who use Route 88 to access the Denver Tech Center on an average day.

StreetLight Volume: 2016 AADT (Beta)

StreetLight Volume: 2016 AADT is just like the standard AADT values that most transportation engineers are familiar with. It estimates the number of cars that use a road per day in 2016. This analysis delivers AADT volumes for any type of road that has more than 400 trips per day. 

To learn more about how the data that goes into StreetLight Volume: 2016 AADT and our validation work, watch our recorded webinar. 

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The StreetLight InSight chart above shows the average annual daily traffic across major bridges in 2016.

Visitor Home-Work Analysis

Our Visitor Home-Work Analysis ("Visitor Analysis" for short) describes the people that go to specific Zones. For this analysis, Zones are typically areas of interest such as shopping malls and commercial districts. It provides the following Metrics:

  • The relative volume of visitors to the Zone(s)
  • The distribution of the visitors' home and work places (expressed as census blockgroups or grids)
  • The share of visitors who are from out of town and the state/metro area they are from

To learn more about how our Visitor Home-Work Analysis work, read our blog post on these Metrics.  

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The StreetLight InSight heat map above visualizes the expected home locations of visitors to the Shops at Tanforan in San Bruno, California. Home locations are always shown in aggregate on a 10km by 10km grid.

Zone Activity Analysis

Our Zone Activity Analysis lets you compare the relative volume of travel activity that takes place in different locations.  If your Zones are designated as "passthrough" Zones such as roads, it will also compare the number of trips that travel through the Zone to the total number of trips that start or stop in the Zone. The Zone Activity Analysis is very useful for broad scans of regions: It shows you where the most activity occurs so that you can study those areas more closely.   This analysis includes the following Metrics: 

  • The relative volume of trips that pass through the Zone(s) without stopping
  • The relative volume of trips that either begin or end in the Zone(s)

Our study of commercial truck parking activity throughout California put the Zone Activity Analysis to good use.


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The StreetLight InSight heat map above visualizes the relative volume of trips that start and stop in each census tract in Charlotte, North Carolina during peak hours on weekday mornings.

Premium Trip Attributes

Our Premium Trip Attributes can be added onto other analyses. Use these to drill down on specific characteristics - for example, to look for regions with a high volume of short trips. These Metrics include:

  • Break-outs for medium-duty and heavy-duty commercial trucks 
  • Trip duration, trip speed, trip length, and trip circuity (provided as an average and as a distribution into customized bins) 

Find out how Virginia Department of Transportation combined Trip Attributes Metrics with O-D Analyses to find best places to reduce travel demand in Northern Virginia. 

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This Premium Trip Attribute visualization from StreetLight InSight shows the average length of personal trips that use different corridors in El Paso, Texas.

Premium Traveler Attributes

You can combine our Premium Traveler Attributes with other analyses to get a better understanding of the groups of people in your study. These Metrics include: 

  • Trip purpose 
  • Census demographics (income, race, education, family status) 
  • Share of travelers who are tourists and the home states and metro areas of tourists

These Metrics - especially trip purpose - are ideal for travel demand modeling projects. Find out more about these Metrics on our blog. 

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This Premium Traveler Metric visualization from StreetLight InSight shows the estimated income distribution of visitors to the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California.

Ways to Customize

StreetLight InSight analyses can be customized to your specifications. Here are the options that you can select right on our platform: 

  1. Data Periods
    Choose specific dates of the year that to study. Our records go back to 2014, so you can measure changes over time or isolate specific events. 
  2. Day Parts
    Select the times of day to receive analytics for. You can create up to twenty-five custom day parts as short as one hour. 
  3. Day Types
    Define your own weekends and weekdays - because in some communities, travel patterns on Fridays should be included in the weekend. 
  4. Trip Type
    For projects that use navigation-GPS data, separate Metrics for personal and commercial trips are provided. This lets you zero in on the behavior of trucks. 

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