By: Laura Schewel on June 29th, 2016

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We’ve Updated StreetLight InSight®!

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We’re excited to share that StreetLight Data’s easy-to-use web app, StreetLight InSight, was updated last night. StreetLight InSight generates accurate, precise, and comprehensive Metrics that describe how communities move in minutes. It now features a new type of Travel Metric, faster retail map rendering, and more.

In this blog post, we’re sharing our approach for updating StreetLight InSight and detailing a few of the features in our latest release. If you’re not familiar with StreetLight InSight, check out our demo videos or request a free, 1:1 demo with a StreetLight Data consultant.

Our Software Update Process

Add More Features and More Tools

When we update StreetLight InSight, we first consider what new features, tools, and analyses will be most valuable to our clients. One of the most significant new features in last night’s release is a new type of Travel Metric: the Zone Activity Analysis.

Zone Activity Analyses provide the relative volume of trips to, from, and through each of your analysis zones, no matter what the ultimate origin or destination of these trips. It also includes the distribution of travel times, demographics, and more for all trips related to that Zone. A Zone Activity Analysis can help you evaluate how transportation activity varies seasonally, compare zones' transportation activity, and more.

New feature requests often come directly from our clients; for example, trip tours has been a popular request lately, so we've started working on it. If you have an idea for a new StreetLight InSight feature, we would love to hear it.

The User Experience

At StreetLight Data, we’re proud of how fast, easy-to-use, and actionable StreetLight InSight is. But that doesn’t mean it can’t get better! With every update, our users’ experience is a major priority. That means tackling bugs, optimizing image rendering technology, and streamlining back-end processes so that Metrics are generated more quickly. In terms of user experience, yesterday’s release includes:

  • A new “project status” tracker for Travel Projects, which allows users to follow their project’s Metrics through each processing stage so that they have a better understanding of project timing.
  • Greater user visibility into updates to shared zone libraries and existing projects, which will facilitate team collaboration.
  • Faster image rendering for Retail Projects, which means users can create maps and charts of core Metrics more quickly. See Image 1 (below) for an example.


Image 1: This is an example of a StreetLight InSight Retail Map. It uses a 1km by 1km grid to visualize the aggregated home and work locations of visitors to Montgomery Mall in Potomac, Maryland.

Get More Data!

It’s no secret that we care about data at StreetLight Data. With every StreetLight InSight update, we add the new data sets that our Data Science team processed the month prior. See Image 2 and Image 3 (below) for visualizations of our data before and after processing. Interested in how our data are processed? Read more here.

Our latest release features new months of data for Travel Metrics. Currently, we have over two years of data to support Travel Metrics. That adds up to trillions of data points that can be processed into transportation Metrics for virtually any location in North America in minutes.



Image 2: This is a visualization of the messy data points we process, which are created by mobile devices. The blue points represent all of the "pings" sent to GPS satellites from mobile devices in Fremont, California in just a few minutes.



Image 3: After raw data sets are aggregated and processed into trips, they become the basis of our Metrics, including the Origin/Destination matrix visualized in this StreetLight InSight heat map. The heat map shows the relative volume of trips that originate in Fremont, CA and end in other Bay Area zones.


What’s Next?

We’re always thinking about our next release, which is typically pushed out 4-6 weeks after our previous release. What features and improvements to StreetLight InSight would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!


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