By: Editorial Team on November 21st, 2017

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Our Top 5 List of Transportation Entertainment: Transit Edition

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Can’t get enough transportation in your life? Neither can we! Here at StreetLight Data, we’re pretty serious transportation nerds! As we settle down to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with our loved ones, we’ve been thinking about all the different transportation-related transportation movies, books, and more that we can enjoy.

Since we're also getting ready for a great webinar on multimodal planning with the City of Toronto (register here!), we’re sharing our top 5 transit-related movies, books, and TV shows in this blog post. Enjoy!

#1. Speed

A heroic bus driver and Keanu Reeves? There’s no contest for first place. Says one StreetLight Data employee: “I love Speed because it is exhilarating and Keanu is awesome. Truly prime Keanu.” Who can say no to "prime Keanu?" Check out a particularly dramatic scene on YouTube here. 


#2 Polar Express

This is a classic children’s story with fantastic illustrations. You can’t help but love the concept of a train full of candy taking children straight to Santa Claus. Plus, everyone gets to wear pajamas. Click here to find it on Amazon. 

(Note: In our view, the book is far superior to the movie.)


#3: Night Train to Terror

This a lesser-known (but amazing) B-list action-dance-horror movie from the 80s - and it just happens to be set on a train. You'll watch as the morality of four of the train's passengers is hotly debated in a series of iconoclastic vignettes. We always do this on our commutes to the office! Check out a clip on Youtube here.

(Note: This horror movie is definitely not for the faint of've been warned!) 


#4: Girl on a Train

Who hasn’t wondered what is going on in that apartment building you pass every day on your way to work? Check out a few clips from the movie on YouTube here. 

 (Note: We love the book AND the movie!)


#5: The MTA Song

"M.T.A.", often called "The MTA Song", is a 1949 song written by Jacqueline Steiner and Bess Lomax Hawes as a progressive campaign song. Known informally as "Charlie on the MTA", the song's lyrics tell an absurd tale of a man named Charlie trapped on Boston's subway system, which until 1964 was known as the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA).

The song has become so entrenched in Boston lore that the Boston-area transit authority named its electronic card-based fare collection system the "CharlieCard" as a tribute to this song (thanks Wikipedia!).

Our favorite lyric:

Charlie's wife goes down
To the Scollay Square station
Every day at quarter past two
And through the open window
She hands Charlie a sandwich
As the train comes rumblin' through.

You can listen to the Kingston Trio singing "The MTA Song" on YouTube here. 


Bonus: Special Multimodal Achievement Award

"Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" is a classic movie, plus it's really a case study that involves many types of transportation...'Nuff said. Check out a scene from the movie on YouTube here. 


What's your favorite transit-based entertainment? Leave a comment and let us know. And last but not least - Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at StreetLight Data!